Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nivea Lip Care

Here's to the bestest, most amazing, lipbalm/lipchap out there:
Nivea Lip Care!
Most lipchaps are dry, or waxy, but this one went on like silk. It's only a few dollars, so buy it today and let me know what you think!


Christy said...

I have a sunscreen one by nivea, i really like it....I think noemie used to have the blue one and i always used it last summer

ShadowOfTheLion said...

Ohhhh, that sounds awesome! What flavors do they have? (or doesn't it come in flavors?)
How much are they, and where do I find it? :D

Alyosha said...

Hiya. You're tagged (gah can't remember how to do the HTML for links: http://weblog.xanga.com/gaminfairy/661063434/this-post-has-no-title.html)
But it's not fashion-related in the slightest so feel free to ignore. :P

Hope you're having a lovely time in Maine!