Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sweetest Spring Shoes

Shiny mint green slipper by Georgiana Goodman, 340$

Vibrant satin flats from Old Navy come in many different patterns for only 11$
I love the color of these blue flats from Forever21, about $12
Here's a super cute pair of Keds, covered in pink flamingo's, for only 39$!

I just got the latest J.Crew catalogue, and here's my latest obsession!
Kingston Suede Driving Mocs, in bright azalea, on sale for 98$

They're so comfy looking, and I love the grids on the bottom and the bright pink color :)


HeronErinGirl said...

I need flats so bad!! Now i know what to look for... lol. Thanks!! =D

Leah said...

Ah, flats...I love them. Even though I'm short.^^

The flamingo ones are too cute!

aimable said...

i love them ,i've just bought them at shoestrom.com ,i find them more comfortable and what's interested me more is the price !!
Here is the link if u're looking for comfort flats: